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Welcome to HTD

Come and have some fun on our UT99 server

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Welcome Warpig ..nice to see your still playing
Welcome TNP-Annie
Welcome TNP-Venus ...she's been kicking my butt in UT99 for years. But a great player and friend

Welcome hemortal......Nice to see you back M8.
The man who got me hooked on ut and showed me how to get started mapping.
If you would like to join our website please email us with a user name and password and why you would like to join us and we will send you a comfirmation email with approval. You can change your password after you login the first time. htd-jimbo@hotmail dot com

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kidcokid 29 Sep : 18:55
what's going on Fraggers!!!

Flu 09 Sep : 23:26
working and raising kids, what about you?

jimbo 09 Sep : 20:39
Hey Flu what you been up to

Flu 05 Sep : 21:15
yo suckas!

jimbo 14 Jan : 10:00

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